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 This website will help us to connect more easily.

 It contains information about my personal journey, a presentation of my activities, details about my company and the seminars I organize. It will allow you to get to know me better and reach me whenever you wish to receive more information.

I believe it should never be forgotten, in my practice as a Relationship Systemic Coach and Supervisor, as well as in the exercise of any form of responsibility, to what extent the direction of the person and their consciousness of the world determine the success of the coaching.

 A change is always an opportunity to listen to your Essence.

My Approach

 As Director of the consultancy firm Dolphins in the Desert, I perform the role of Human Relationship Consultant, PCC Systemic Coach and CSA accredited Supervisor, both within France and globally by providing support to individuals, organizations, board, management teams and coaches.

My numerous humanistic approaches rooted in Neuroscience, Quantum physics and Energy therapies have defined a professional track record spanning more than 18 years in human resource management, leadership and emotional intelligence within the corporate environment, during periods of intercultural transition.

In every aspect of my work, I promote a reliance on values and creativity in the pursuit of solutions. When providing support to an individual or a group, I regularly include workshops on achieving Cardiac Coherence with a view to enabling people to manage their stress levels and optimise the quality of relationships within teams, as well as offering practice support groups. 

 It seems obvious that each person carries values, emotions and behaviors with them that are conveyed through the environment, and that they are influenced by their intentions, the intentions of others, and by the possibilities of the system in which they operate.

 Therefore I am interested in the rules of life, the processes of feedback, the desired goals, the balance mechanisms and the pressure of change.

 I observe the methods of communication, congruence, level of differentiation and commitment to the system, taking into account the level of questioning permitted, the flexibility of roles and the degree of adaptation.

Favouring a collaborative and systemic approach, she applies an ethical and profoundly human style of coaching, all while focusing on achieving mutual collaboration and surpassing one’s limits. She describes herself as an expert consultant in systems analysis.


Life will always be rich in a great variety of situations, some situations pleasant and enjoyable, and others more difficult. 

The only thing that radically changes is our way of looking at events, because reality essentially depends on how we see the world.

"They did not know it was impossible, so they did it." Mark Twain



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